Monday, December 13, 2010


Last night, I made a big pan of fudge, with toasted almonds in it.

At home when I was growing up, Mom made fudge every Christmas.
She made a recipe that had to be beaten until it lost it's gloss.
This was "the fudge spoon".
Now, I don't use it.....I just put it on the counter and remember...
after the fudge was in the pan,
all of the years of scraping our teeth against it,
savoring the warm chocolaty goodness.
Remembering the warmth of family closeness,
and the feeling of anticipation that filled the kitchen.


kate said...

I love this post. Love the description and pictures of the spoon... I can feel being there. Also, I love, LOVE fudge. Lots of love for this one.

Melissa said...

Love all the marks on the spoon - well-worn with love.


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