Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday, Waffles, & Washing

I spent today hooking up our new washer and catching up on laundry. Yay!!!!!! Our old one finally completely died. I just didn't feel like sinking anymore money or days into fixing it this time. The people we were buying a new one from, needed it 2 more weeks, until they moved overseas. (They have a 2 year old....need I say more?) So for the past couple of weeks, I've been schlepping a basket of dirty clothes over to Anna's, in the mornings that we have the girls.
Our dryer is still fine, so I brought them back home to dry. It was a blessing to be able to do that, but I got backed up anywho. I can't believe how quiet this new washer is! I keep going in to see if it's still running! :<)

We had waffles for supper. We used this mix, which reminded me of our trip last year.

When we were there we saw pictures in the depot of their special Christmas Santa Train. It looked so pretty and festive, with snow and Christmas lights. I see where they are all sold out already for this year. Are you in the mood for Christmas? I am. Now just have to get gifts done...yikes...


Melissa said...

I did that for almost two months this summer. Our washing machine was still under warranty but it took forever to get a repairman.

I ended up spending one day a week at the house of some good friends and the I chatted with D while the girls played with J.

New appliances are great!! :)

kate said...

Hooray for the new washer!!
Breakfast for dinner, it's me ace in the hole. When I am racking my brain for what to fix when nothing is thawed, I will suddenly remember the beauty and ease of pancakes and eggs for dinner; it's a lifesaver!


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