Thursday, December 9, 2010


I gave the chickens a strong admonition yesterday morning, before we left for the day.....eggs or stew pot...their choice. I actually need a fresh flock this spring, my little biddies are getting some age on them. I don't actually enjoy butchering, but it's a farm-life reality.
We went to Kate's for the day. Liam read us a funny story about gossiping (sort of like the telephone game) where the story changes word by word as it goes person by person. Joe sang us a song his class is learning for their Christmas Program. Adelie wore all of us out running a marathon course singing a banana phone song throughout the house....over....and over...and over...soooo funny. Chris has gotten into roasting organic coffee beans and roasted, ground and brewed a yummy pot for after dinner. They made a delicious roast dinner. And they sent us home with a bag of Bob's Red Mill Polenta. Kate and I went through the house re-inventing the wheel so to speak....talking about where she's going to put everything and that they just found out she's expecting twins!!
On the way home, it rained harder than either Jim or I have ever seen before. The lines on the freeway were completely obliterated. Like driving through a creek....lengthwise.


Melissa said...

Ah - butchering chickens. I don't miss that from when I was a kid. In fact, I didn't eat chicken for several years after I left home. :)

Your description of driving through an extremely heavy downpour is very evocative.

kate said...

SO good to have you guys up. Thanks for all your input!
p.s. did the chickens heed your warning?


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