Monday, December 6, 2010


We've been wanting to have more people over, instead of just talking about it. When I found our thrifted pyramid, it inspired an idea to have two couples over from our former home fellowship group. They had both been on trips to Germany this year, and since we had lived there three years, we all had stories and pictures to share.
We put this poster board up every year for Christmas, as it reminds us of one of our favorite times, in Germany.....Christkindlemart. When our guest arrived, they were greeted with the smell of warm Gluwien (Spiced wine), Hot spiced nuts, and gingerbread spice tea. We had German Christmas in the Alps music playing.

Not sure if this qualifies as "thrifted", but it was "frugal". Wanting some coordinating cloth napkins, but not having the budget for them right now; bought a pkg of 7 dishcloths from Walmart, and stuck them in some little craftstore grapevine wreaths, I've used for years.
We made SPEZI for everyone to have with dinner. 1 part Fanta, 1 part Lemonade, 2 parts Coke.

I found a shop that sells Salata, the salad dressing we ate all of time in Germany, everywhere we went, and at home.

For dinner, I made Schweinschnitzel, with Jagersauce, (fried pork cutlets with mushroom gravy)rotkraut mit apfel (red cabbage with apple), knodel (potato dumplings), or pommesfrits ( fries).

I didn't get everything decorated for Christmas, but a few touches here and there, and our year round lights, made it feel festive in the kitchen, while I was cooking.

It was Shir's birthday, and we go back 20 years or more, so it was fun making her a special torte.

It . Was. Tall.

Zum Gerberstag Alles Gute!
She was surprised.

Years ago, I had a slice of this torte from a bakery, and loved it. It was REALLY expensive, so I had disected it, while eating it. I wrote on a memo pad what each layer had.
1.bottom layer: ground Hazelnut cake
2. Hazelnut cream frosting
3.chocolate fudge cake
4.chocolate cream frosting
5.ground hazelnut cake layer
6. hazelnut cream frosting
7. chocolate fudge cake
Tops and sides: Hazelnut Cream frosting, decorated with shaved chocolate.
The mistake I made, was I should have split one layer of hazelnut cake in half, and the same with the chocolate one, and put the other layer of hazelnut and chocolate in the freezer to fix another time. Have to say made a statement! We couldn't use cake plates for it...had to pull out more dinner plates! (If anyone wants the recipe, leave a comment, )


Melissa said...

That torte looks and sounds absolutely divine!!

kate said...

Wow Mama, looks like such a fun evening! Cute little touches everywhere, how cool.

Sarah said...

Looks like everything was wonderful! The food looks SO good!!


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