Sunday, October 4, 2009

Snoqualmie Falls


We had to travel up north on business this past weekend, and there was a full moon as we traveled Friday night. After getting things taken care of early Saturday morning, we took a nice drive up to Snoqualmie (which means moon people). There was a cute little espresso shop, with a friendly owner. We got a chai and hot cocoa to sip on while we checked out the vintage trains and depot.

Then we bought our tickets for a ride to North Bend and the Falls.

There was a cheery conductor, punching tickets and giving out historical tidbits.

The car we rode in the majority of the time was vintage 1950's.

But we strolled the length of the train and discovered these cars as well.

The little boy pictured below is the conductor's son. He had such a good time helping his Dad punch tickets, and took his job VERY seriously. So cute!

This section had old wicker chairs for seating and open window areas for viewing and picture taking.

There is a viewing platform at the south end of the train.

These two are so well suited for their jobs and the most gentle of souls.

This is the view from the train at the cliff at the falls end of the tour.

The foliage you see in the foreground is basically growing out of the side of the cliff. The ground next to the train was eroded, and at one point I couldn't see any!

After the tour, we went by car up to the Falls viewpoint. The red emblem shows where we had been on the train.

Supposedly the falls are 100 ft higher than Niagara. The viewing deck is cantilevered 300 ft. over the gorge.

Tomorrow's post, will continue with more of our trip adventures. On a different note:

I have prayer requests for my Mom and my Sisters today. My Mom is having surgery, and one sister in another state is also having surgery. My other sister is on a mission trip in Africa. Even though I can't be with everyone I love, and all places at once, thankfully, God can.


Sarah said...

Loved the peek into your trip! I'll be praying today--for everyone. Love you.

kate said...

Such a sweet peaceful looking time...


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