Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tacoma time

Probably one of the most well known Tacoma landmarks is the blue Tacoma Dome:

We have fond memories of our time visiting Sarah and Bob when they were newlyweds living in Tacoma.

The fondest memory being that of our sand shark fishing/crabbing, expedition. ; )

The streets on their end of town were designed by the same landscape architect that designed Central Park in New York. We had fun taking walks in their old neighborhood, and checking out the beautiful old house a few streets down, that was the main site in the movie "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle", complete with the greenhouse. I have pictures of it in my photo stash, but didn't take any this time.

Actually quite a few places in the Northwest have been filming sites.

In another more industrial area of Tacoma, another movie site:

Back at Sarah's end of town..... this movie site is amazing:

Stadium High School

I don't know about you, but my high school sure didn't look like a castle, complete with a turret!

and have a view like this:

Stadium High School was built to be the Tacoma Land Company Hotel.

It was built in 1891.



Sarah said...

Well....actually- I think our house may be the one on the right...the porch went all the way across the expanse of the building. But that one's cute too! lol. Hard to know by description over phone I guess..sorry! LOVE the pics though..ahh.memory lane... Glad you had a nice time!! xoxo

"m" said...

ok, I've html'd and fixed the mistake.
But they've removed a couple of the porch pillars now. In looking up some old pix,It used to have doubles close together, on either side of the stairs.


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