Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This weekend was spent with cookie making sessions. Big sister measured, and mixed up the dough by herself. It was chilled overnight. Saturday they used all of the "Fall" cookie cutters, and rolled, patted, poked, cut and baked. Sunday afternoon, they decorated them with cream cheese icing and sprinkles.

I was so thrilled to find a "fall" version of this spatula in the $ bin at Rite-Aid. My cute spring and summer one had gotten broken. It's nice and thin. I hate a chunky spatch, bunching up my hot cookies when I'm takin' them off the sheet, don't you?

Sorry this is so dark. And there's no pix of the frosted ones.
Aren't those just the cutest little oak leaves?
My sis gave us the acorn and oak leaf cutters, as part of the packaging one year on Jim's birthday present cookies. :) Thanks Dot!

We are ec-stat-tic!
A week ago, we were smelling something noxious in the kitchen. We thought a little piece of plastic from a granola bar wrapper had drifted into the oven. The smell didn't dissipate, though, and a while later when helping with homework, there was an arcing sound and blue flames and
smoke coming from under the dishwasher. After cutting power, and some investigating, we thought our DW was fried. We ordered a new one, which was delivered yesterday, much to my chagrin. I hate big purchases. The repairman/installer, the store recommended, came today to install it, and discovered faulty wiring. He repaired IT, and VOILA! Our old machine still works fine!! YEAH! Jim called the store to tell them he was bringing the new one back, and they were really nice about it. Praise the Lord!

Tonight, we watched the last disk in the Holocaust series from Netflix. As always....very sobering subject matter. As far as movies go; some of the acting was really lame, (mostly the young actors) but some of the veteran actors did very well. A talented, young, pretty, Meryl Streep was in it.
In her PJ days......pre-Julia. :)

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