Monday, October 12, 2009

Procrastinator's Party RSVP: Porch

As I stated recently, "so many messes, so little time." Heidi's Living Lovely challenge encouraged me to take on the pantry/spice cupboard. This time I received my invitation late, so I'm a bit late in my RSVP to the "Procrastinator's Party" at The Inspired Room, and will be scrambling to get this all lookin' great by the 20th. Needs to be done, and should be fun though. Some of my plans have been a long time coming. (5 years).

We got a new front door last year:
It's still unpainted, and the screen door needs help too.
Hate having the barbeque on the front porch.
This is where it ended up after the rotting deck was dismantled.

Have to have the wood here right now; but not the old gate, and other mess.

Looks like an entrance to a haunted house,
not really the friendly fall welcome, I would like convey.
Time to get busy!


Tamera said...

Looking forward to your results! Good luck!

Tamera said...

Just wanted you to know that I received your email...thank you. God is gracious enough to work through the things in our lives and send us little reminders of what is important. I just wish I didn't need so many!
Have a wonderful weekend and I will pray for you as I do for myself..."Lord, help me."



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