Sunday, October 25, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

For years I've had a very basic plan for menu planning. Monday: Sunday dinner leftovers or something simple like mac n' cheese. Tuesday: chicken, Wednesday: fish, etc. I am flexible with it as need be, but try to stick to it as much as possible. After reading Lora's post at My Blessed Life I decided to commit to the plan by linking to the post at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Monday: Mac n' cheese, hotdogs, peas and carrots
Tuesday: Thai Chicken Wraps, tossed salad
Wednesday: Salmon, Rice, broccoli
Thursday: Chili, cornbread, tossed salad
Friday: Homemade "Pumpkin face" pizza
What's on your menu?


Katie said...

For awhile I planned my days by categories rather than specific dishes. It worked really well, but somewhere along the line I quit. Here's how I would plan.... if I decided to get back into meal planning again.

Monday: Italian
Tuesday: Mexican
Wednesday: Casserole
Thursday: Left Overs :)
Friday: soup
Saturday: whatever you can find in the fridge
Sunday: grilled meat

Easton's Mommy said...

I usually at least TRY to get a menu organized at the start of the week, but have never thought of doing it by categories!

In our house, Mon-Thu is usually 'fresh' meals (as in NOT leftovers). Wednesday is usually super easy night as Easton has swimming lessons hat night. Friday is leftover/pizza night since I usually have no energy and no fresh food that hasn't rotted by that point! Saturday is usually something easy, and Sunday is free dinner at my mother-in-law's!


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