Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tacoma Glass Reflections

These rock candy sticks are from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. For some reason they remind me of something........ like if you fastened them up somewhere with the sun and sky behind them......
They might look like this.......

Do you think that was this artist's inspiration?

These are the Crystal Towers in Tacoma. They are on the bridge over the parkway, walking from downtown, across to the glass museum.

The Glass Museum

To the left of the museum is an infinity pool.
Can you see where it stops?

On the bridge there is also a white translucent wall with blown glass art pieces in their own little cubbies.

And on the bridge, further toward downtown, a ceiling area of glass panels with blown glass "sea creatures". Spectacular!
I'm grateful for people with means, who make it possible for the "masses" to be able to be exposed to and appreciate art.

Thank you Wendy P. McCaw!

Tacoma loves it's glass art! There's even a display of it in the courthouse.

Which is the most amazing building. I just love it.

Don't you?

Where to next, Jim?

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kate said...

Love all the pictures!! Looks like you guys had fun exploring. Love you.


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