Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is in the air

It's time to trade the summer cottons
for the winter woolies

The sock knitting got pulled out the other day. I was too busy for it this summer. Wow, that is unheard of....can't believe they got put away, unfinished, and this close to being done! Not so uncommon with other projects around here, but generally not socks.

I didn't exactly sit down and finish them. Their pretty colors reminded me of something else.

So I set off for the kitchen and made these:

Victoria got first pick, as a prize for sucessfully spelling her bonus word for the week.

Hmmm, sure hope I spelled that right. It would be awful to be outdone by a 2nd grader.


Lora said...

Mmm...we made carmel apples tonight, too! Yours look yummy:)

Dot said...

The socks are beautiful!


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