Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crochet Needle Case

 Yesterday was a rainy, windy day, with no kiddos, and Jim sick, so I decided to do some sewing.  I've stored my crochet needles in a pint mason jar for quite a while now. On the to-do-list for ages has been a crochet hook case.  I needed something that could be plopped into a project bag for on the go, or easily carted from the studio, to the snug, for crocheting in front of the TV.   This cheery, plum blossom fabric remnant was leftover from another project, and it's one of my faves, so had envisioned it for the needle case exterior.
 Then, last week I found this little fat quarter fabric and loved it!  I thought it would be the perfect interior coordinate.  There are lots of crochet hook case tutorials on-line, but I just winged it on dimensions and style.  The top folds over the hooks to hold them in place, and then the whole thing is folded in 3 1/3 sections.  The last one being a flap with a button closure.  Initially I sewed the button on for decoration and was going to put a snap underneath, but changed my mind, so have to re-position the button, and make a loop for it.
 I'm thinking a couple of my crocheting friends, (who don't read blogs,)  could do with one of these for Christmas.

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kate said...

Cute! Love how you just "whip a little something up" on a rainy afternoon. :)


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