Monday, November 14, 2011

Snowball Effect

One morning, when the girlies were sleeping over, they were in brushing their teeth, and there was a crash in the bathroom.  The Dollar Store glass that I keep my toothbrush and the toothpaste in, had accidently gotten knocked out of the medicine cabinet into the sink.  I was totally ready to go in an clean up the broken glass;  I wasn't prepared to find the cheap glass still intact and a hole the size of my fist in the bathroom sink.  After shopping around, and not finding what we were looking for,we had to order a new sink.  The bathroom needed repainting, so what better time to do it?  We had also discussed replacing the chair-rail above the beadboard wainscot, to match what we had done in the mudroom and the "snug", so added that to the list.  When I was getting ready to paint, Jim mentioned......again .... how badly we really needed storage in there.  So we took the wainscot off under the stairs and knocked some holes in the drywall, checking to see if there was free space there or if it was taken up with duct work from the furnace.  It was free and clear.  We took out the middle stud, and made room  to put this little 2 drawer base in to bring the storage dresser up to proper height.  I had prayed for favor, and the Lord blessed us with both this little base and a perfect storage piece.  It fit exactly between the two studs, and the total height and depth were perfect for the slant of the stairs! 

We're really happy with how it turned out, and felt like we'd reached our objective in making it seem  like it's always been a part of the house. ( I've always liked  old houses with cool built-ins.)  A reality in a lot of old houses, and particularly this one, is a lack of proper storage for today's lifestyle..What I was amazed at, is where I'd had all of the stuff stashed that I managed to fill these drawers with!  The hair clippers and cold medicines were able to be re-located from the hall closet, the toilet paper from the utility room, etc.  A bathroom product reunion.  Yay!!


Sarah said...

You. You're good, you. That looks great!

Dot said...

How absolutely awsome! It really looks like it's original to the house--with fresh paint, of course! You did a beautiful job.

****** "M" said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments. It's always such a blessing when a plan actually comes together!

kate said...

Oh my goodness! It looks even better than I expected! I love it. And I agree, it looks original!


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