Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dandelion Craft Studio

 Come on admit it, you thought it was a figment of my imagine, huh?  There's still a few loose ends to tie up, but since there probably always will be, I'm going to welcome you in anywho! I replaced the hollow core door with the front door from an old farmhouse we used to live in.
 This is the view as you enter the room.  The sloping ceilings dictated furniture placement a great deal.  The cabinet with the glass doors is an oldie i picked up years ago at a local "Junke" shop.
One Saturday a few years ago Jim and I were having a date day downtown and I saw the wire mesh dress form on the sidewalk in front of an antique store.  Jim bought "her" for me. Me-likie! I thought she deserved some twinkle lights to set her off. This is the floor I painted "faux wood plank."
 I painted my sawhorse table white to go in here.  This is going to be the spinning corner of the room.  There are still  more spinning things to unpack from a trunk I've had them stored in.
 When Anna and the girlies were living here, we bought this Expedit cubby wall unit from IKEA for them to use, knowing it would be for craft storage at some point. The yarn storage on top are two closet shoe storage units from Target.
 Initially, I was going to replace the ceiling fan light above the craft table with the warehouse pendant you see over the sewing table.  I changed my mind though, because I usually have a fan going year round, and it's handy for drying art projects.  The warehouse light was a hard-wire pendant fixture, and I needed it to be a hanging lamp instead, so I rewired it. The IKEA craft table is from off of Craigs list a couple of years ago. The chairs were my grandparents. I like having a space to work with family members on projects. The sewing desk was a Teen Challenge Thrift Store 50% off day purchase, with freshly painted doors and new IKEA hardware. The desk chair is Jim's old one with the broken arms removed, and a coat of white paint.
 This is the yet to be finished new ironing board cover.  I think I'm going to love it, when I finally get it finished.

 I like it's cheery flowers and think it echoes the colorful spools of thread on the wall.

 This the canning jar light I made.  Tons of them on the web now.  Should I leave it white, or "pewter" or "bronze" it?

I love this little chair.  It used to be my sewing chair, from Target.  No.  I do not have our Christmas gifts bought and wrapped.  I am not as organized as some people!
Someone else gave these to me a while back, and made me promise not to peek!  But I don't open early, like some people!  You know who you are.....  :-)
Oh, speaking of Mama... let's all give her a Happy Birthday Shout!  Love ya Mom!


Sarah said...

Your room looks great! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nana!!

jesslea said...

Thanks for the tour! Love it. It's so you.

Dot said...

What a fabulous room--so inviting to work/play in! Everything is personal and works so well together without being matchy-matchy. BTW, I think the jar light looks just dandy as is, now get that i.board cover sewn!

****** "M" said...

Thanks girls! You're all welcome to come craft in it with me anytime!


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