Monday, October 24, 2011


We've got more irons in the fire than a blacksmith at the Kentucky Derby.  I've still been piddlin' away at the studio, in addition to working on bathroom storage, etc.  Anna saw the studio a couple of days ago, and said "It's just YOU, mom!" I assumed that she meant the decor, but later wondered if that was presumptous of me....maybe she was referring to the stacks of unfinished projects waiting to be finished!  I had thought it would be fun to make a design on the door window.  After going through supplies, there wasn't any etching stuff left, after-all.  It's spendy, and permanent, so decided to just use the same white interior latex paint I had used in the room.  I painted the design backwards, on the inside of the window.  It's not as awesome as imagined, but can stay for now. Actually it's pretty subtle during the day.  (This pic was taken about 8pm.)
I had been feeling sort of crummy last week, but snapped out of it just in time to go to a Dinners for 7, that our church was doing.  We had signed up on the list.  Our hostess had called us and invited us, and assigned a food for us to bring.  We were supposed to bring potatoes.  I took party potatoes and because they are a cholesterol nightmare, thought maybe there should be a healthy alternative.  So I also fixed Ina's Roasted Winter Vegetables.  It was a nice relaxed evening of getting better acquainted with new friends, and re-kindling old friendships.  This is going to be a very jam packed week, but hopefully I can finish up some of these loose ends and post some pictures of something actually DONE!


Dot said...

I love it! If the door is any indication of the studio's inspired interior, I want to have a project retreat weekend at your house!

kate said...

Looks cute! Want to see your progress!!


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