Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camping Chronicle #5

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When the Baby girl was three years old, the family decided to travel across the U.S. to visit Grandparents.  They planned to drive all day, and camp at night.  There were some pretty crazy complications, which  I won't get into here, but it led to another late night adventure.  As they finally began to set up camp in the dark, all of the other campers were already sleeping.  The little family had outgrown the pup tent, so they had borrowed a large 2 room tent from friends.  Unfortunately, it had been a last minute decision, and they had not done a set up, trial run. Now, how on earth to get this tent up?!  Finally out of fatigue and frustration, they gave up, found the doorway of the collapsed tent, placed  their sleeping bags inside, and pulled the tent over them. (Something like the google image above)  (Ironically, most of the "collapsed tent: images I came across on-line, involved drinking or drugs...)  That also seemed to be the initial assumption of the amused and inquisitive onlookers in the morning.  The little family just shrugged it off, laughed with the crowd, rolled the tent up and went  on their way.  (Happy, as if they had good sense!)  After a nice days drive, before dusk, they found a nice little campground and stayed on cots in a very comfy little cabin.

Camping tip:  Never, NEVER, never, leave your sense of humor at home, you're gonna need it!

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