Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Days

Fall days, cool and overcast, just seem to call for caramel, cinnamon, and nuts.  This recipe for Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring is very similar to the Swedish Tea Ring that our family has made for years.  It calls for canned biscuits, but as far as convenience biscuits go, I prefer Walmart's frozen buttermilk biscuits.  (They don't have as much chemical taste) I used 8 of them, and defrosted them carefully, in the microwave first. Jim really liked this.
We've had lots of Dr. appts. and re-model-y things going on around here lately.  Not that blog worthy unless you like looking at pictures of dismantled chair rail, wainscoting, and huge holes knocked in the drywall.  Yesterday, I guess we could've done sequential pictures, so you could watch the drywall mud dry. ;-)

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