Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Destruction Derby

I've been a slogging blogger lately.  Things have been really busy.  Tearing up everything you own is time consuming!  Saturday, Jim and I went out and worked on the little trailer.  No phones, no place we had to go...we actually got tons accomplished:
We tore out the ratty old dinette cushions, curtains and rods,  the green astro-turf, and the mattress.(oh, and 2 pair of dirty socks!)  It already smells better in there! (well, actually maybe not much, yet)
After removing many old rusty screws, we finally were able to take out the old cabinet above the sink and stove.  We tore out old wiring, and the wall between the bathroom and the bed.  Included in that was the removal of the bathroom sink, and it's plumbing.  We were on a roll....we went under the trailer, and disconnected the blackwater tank (sewage tank) (thankfully the trailer had been out of use a long time, so no odor), and removed the cracked grey water tank.  Topside, we pulled the showerpan/blackwater tank.  There's a whole pile of cuphooks, that have been removed...that, and the cobwebs are probably what was holding the place together.  We vaccumed, vaccumed, vaccumed....

Sunday, we had a good service at church.  The worship and sermon all wove together, about Christ being our sufficiency.
Sunday evening, Joel cooked dinner for us; wonderful Chicken Fried Rice,  Chinese Barbequed Pork, and a yummy zippy sauce to put on things.
Monday; In the house we were supposed to paint the bathroom and replace the chair rail at the top of the beadboard wainscoting.  As we were removing the old chair rail, Jim brought up the subject of bathroom storage again.  We did some further investigation, and decided to do some built-ins in a wasted space under the stairs.  The beadboard was removed from the area, and there are now big gaping holes in the bathroom drywall under the stairs.  I was given the task to figure out what to put in the hole, (since I'm the picky one), so off to town I went.  (Today, we will start working on it, and see if the plan works.)  We know we're good at tearing things up...let's see if we can put anything back together!


kate said...

From the looks of the curtains in the trailer, maybe you should have left it all together til after Halloween? Built in cobwebs, fraying fabrics...add some spooky noises and you could've charged admission! :) No pics of the holes under the stairs? I wanna see!! As always, impressed with that dig in attitude!

****** "M" said...

Now why didn't I think of that?! Maybe it could've paid some of the thousands of dollars it could take to make it habitable! ;-)
Holes under the stairs pix to be available soon. They're pretty scary....should I charge admission for them too? Love ya Little SuperMom!


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