Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camping Chronicles #6, etc. etc.

Once upon a dandelion, the little family was increased by 2 more daughters.  There were further camping adventures.  It seemed there were crazy things to happen when tent camping; even in the presumed safety of their own back yard.  The youngest daughter and a cousin slept in a tent in the orchard, only to be startled by the scream of a cougar.  The Mama heard the sound, in the house, as she was getting ready to go to bed, for the night.  She threw the front door open just in time for her daughter to come running in.  She ran to help her niece, who was calling "!"  After quickly ripping the niece's hair out of the tent door zipper, where it had caught, they both ran to the safety of the house.

The last Tent Camping trip the family would take together, was after the first-born daughter was married.  They went to the coast, they had a confirmed reservation, they got there early, and everything was great.  The weather was exceptionally warm and beautiful.  They decided to take a night-time stroll down to the beach.  As they passed through the campground, the last camp spot, sat on a little dune, overlooking the water.  Parked there, was a cheery little camp trailer, with a party light trimmed, awning.  It was just indescribably... perfect.  The little Mama ... I ...  was smitten.

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