Saturday, October 1, 2011


Anna gave us some fresh crab Joel's Dad had caught.  It was really nice crab, but didn't go with the menu plan at the time, so I picked it all out of the shell, and froze it.  Today was "tailgating" day and Jim was watching football in the snug.  Not really feeling in the mood for doing the chili or brats thing, decided to make corn-crab-cakes and homemade tartar sauce instead.  I used this recipe.  I chilled the patties before cooking them.  It called for separating the cornbread stuffing mix, and patting the patties in half of it before frying.  I suggest putting all of the crumbs in earlier, all at once, as a binder, and slide the patties straight into the oil, with less messing around with them.  The first ones I did as directed, fell apart easier.  The ones I didn't coat, held their shape better.  They were really tasty, Jim really liked them, and didn't even miss the chili!

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