Sunday, January 1, 2012

Black Beans, Batter Bread, and Bernie Lee

When we used to live  in Savannah and spent the holidays in Atlanta with Jim's family, we always had New Year's dinner with his brother Buddy's family.  There was always a roast beef, and traditional collard greens and black eyed peas, which are a southern tradition on New Years.  This year, we broke with tradition and had a black bean soup instead.  I made a batter bread to go with it.  The aroma of it, brought back memories of when we lived in Silver Lake.  Mama led a small group of 4-H cooking for girls who were older than me.  I was involved in another 4-H cooking group of girls my age.  When I would come home from my group meeting, our house would smell so good, from Mama's group making batter rolls.  We had those rolls often during that time.  I remember one day at school, when one of the older girls in her group said to me in front of the other girls: "Your Mom is so pretty."  I could tell she admired my Mama, and I was sooooo proud.


Dot said...

...and she still is "so pretty"!
Happy New Year, Dearest M.

****** "M" said...

Yes. Yes she is! xoxo

kate said...

Aww, I love reading your memories mama. And I agree, Nana is so very pretty.


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