Monday, January 16, 2012

Laughing Cow Biscuits

Today, there were little snow flurries outside, and cleaning flurries in the house.  I made this soup I made last year..... with some adaptations.  I also made Joy the Baker's goat cheese biscuits, with some.... adaptations. The freezer didn't yield the cleaned chopped leeks I thought were in there, so the soup just got more sweet onions, no whole garlic, so sauteed minced garlic with onions.  No ginger in the freezer or fridge, so some ground ginger added with the other curry type spices.  The biscuits called for goat cheese.....don't have......buttermilk.....don't have.  But we did have little French onion Laughing Cow Cheese wedges, and milk soured with vinegar.  The biscuits turned out great.  We don't live close to a grocery store, so "making do" substitutions are VERY common for us. That's just the way we fly around here.


Dot said...

Yu-uumm! Gonna have to call you for dinner ideas!

****** "M" said...

Dot....Just promise you won't ask that dreaded question...."what's for dinner?"! ;-)


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