Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

Dinner in.  We had an early supper of yakisoba and Chinese barbecued pork, and watched Netflix movies with Bella.  Our imbibing consisted of egg nog milkshakes; mid evening.  When we got tired from all of the excitement, we retired to our bedroom to  big stacks of library books we had picked up earlier in the day.  At midnight, I was immersed in reading Pearl in the Sand,  about the Israelites circling Jericho, blowing their horns, as our neighbors were outside, shooting off guns and fireworks.  Yep, we are party animals alright. (Seriously, really like the book by the way.)  Last year, studying the Bible,  I was fascinated by the idea that Rahab's inn was in the wall, that the Hebrew Spies promised her and her family safety if they were in her home when the battle occurred, that the walls came down, but that would little section would have been remaining....Rahab's home in the wall.  I find that comforting.  Evidently so did Tessa Afshar, because she emphasizes it in this novel.  Happy New Year Everyone.  No matter the uncertainties of 2012, we have safety and hope, if we trust in the Lord.

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