Monday, January 23, 2012

Dandelions for Martha

Jim found a little scanner on sale, that I can hook up to my computer and scan slides to be burned to DVD's.  It will do 4 slides at a time.  We have alot of slides of when the girls were little and all of my grandpa's "zillions."  So....I've been scanning away. 

Cousins.  My cousin Martha is the one in the red sweater.  We've been separated by miles and national borders for years, so I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with her.  Thanks to facebook and pinterest, and this little blog...we've been able to be a little more in the loop and "the know" about each other.
I know that she's grown up, into a generous, caring woman, who has opened her home and heart to children who needed that.  I know that she has done a wonderful job raising her own girls to be loving,  responsible, mothers as well. We've all been scattered like dandelion dust in the wind, but also like dandelions; our tap roots run deep.  I love you Martha.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! What a picture, you made my day! It must be the season for scanning, my Tania was just home visiting and did some scanning of Mom's treasures. Thank you, Laura!

Anonymous said...


Love you, too!

cousin Martha

kate said...

Oh Mom, I love this!

****** "M" said...

Kate: XOXO


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