Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gruss Gott!

(photo from the Mt Angel Octoberfest site)

After living in Upper Bavaria, germany for 3 years, we enjoy an occasional polka, the chicken dance, and some good german food.

We had planned on going to the Mt. Angel festivities again this year. Alot of German foods, I'm happier with our homemade fare, but they have one vendor with schnitzel, that we particularly liked.

It turned out we are battling colds this weekend, so strolling in the rain with chills, didn't sound like a lot of fun.

Instead, we are grilling bratwurst, fixing curly fries, and baking apfel strudels, in the comfort of our cosy haus.

Yodelay, Yodelay, Yodelayhee hoo!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

sorry to hear you have colds-- Matthew picked one up somewhere as well. :(
We're missing Oktoberfest again this year due to conflicts in our schedule. Hopefully we'll catch it next year.


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