Saturday, September 26, 2009

Corn's ready...Yesiree bob

Did up some for the freezer today.

Managed to take time out with the camera and practice some things I've been studying about. "Take pictures of flowers from other angles rather than down from above or straight on."

I tried shooting from the back side of the flower, attempting to capture the sunlight through the petals.
Anna and I cut the little punkin's hair today into a bob. Her bangs still need to finish growing the rest of the way out in order to look right. She looks cute no matter what, but we won't be putting out our barber pole any time soon! We bribed her with a lollipop, and it was still like pulling teeth out of a chicken getting her to hold still.

We had grilled hamburgers for dinner and there was rootbeer for a treat.....
or as punkin calls it...
"hambuggers and boot rear"

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