Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Girl put your records on,

tell me your favourite song, You go ahead, let your hair down."
I sing along with Corinne Bailey Rae on the treadmill.
We used to always have music playing around here. Seems like not so much the past few years. With having a cold on Friday, things that had to be done, (and things I'd been wanting to do), there needed to be some drastic measures taken. The bed and a quilt were calling my name......
No siestas allowed!
I stripped the bed and laundered the sheets, and put on one of my favorite CD's....
Lifescapes Just Relax Mexico

It inspired me:
Made 3 freezer bags of this Mexi veggie dish with zucchini, corn and tomatoes.
And made this Rick Bayless recipe for Mexican CORN ICE CREAM, that I'd been wanting to try.

Alicia had said she didn't like the cinnamon in it, and since I am sort of picky about what i have cinnamon in, I decided to fore go it. I also didn't think I would like the orange liqueur in it, but thought an equally large dose of good Mexican vanilla sounded yummy.

Oh my oh my oh my ..... DEE-LISH-EE-OH-SO!!! It gave me the strength to go on!

Pear preserves, another batch of salsa, and canned tomatoes.

I told Anna this CD really makes me feel like working, relieves my stress, and puts me in a good mood.

She suggested I press....



Sarah said...

Something about corn ice cream does NOT appeal to me- so I'll trust you on its tasting good! ;)
You've been QUITE busy!!
love you!

torn80cj said...

Have you ever had corn pudding? We always have it on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is by far one of the best delecacies I have ever eaten. If I had the recipe I would give it to you. But then again, you may already have a recipe for corn pudding. It is so delicious. My favorite song is the hymmn called "In The Garden." Then my favorite that I wrote myself is "Help Me With My Unbelief." The Lord gave me this song when I was having a "Valley" experience in my life. I like your photography also, you're good with the camera. God bless you always.

"m" said...

Sarah, it's like a combo of buttery corn on the cob and a rich french vanilla custard.....sooo good, and you screen all of the little corn hullies out, so it's just smooth and creamy.

Yes, corn pudding is yummy. I made it for our family this past Thanksgiving.
I like the title for your song.
God is so FAITHFUL. He never fails to show up, does He? Do you write many songs? Sing, or play?


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