Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day.......

In the movie Groundhog Day, a reporter wakes up repeating the same day
and over




Groundhog Day ? labor day?
Do you feel like you're waking to the same day (shower curtain) over and over?
A. Sarah started it all. She got this cute curtain, and we all just fell in love with it's cheery zinnias full of color! What a happy way to start the day! We asked permission and Sarah was gracious.......
B. Kate got one too. Something colorful and fun for the kiddo's bath.
C. I got one too. Except, i was afraid i'd made a big mistake. It just didn't look right in my bathroom. We'd had a really serene "zen" like look in there with only white and light natural accents, and now

..................... ZIP!

.................... BOOM!
.................... BAH!

So i got little colored paper lanterns to go along side the white one, and put out all of Anna's cosmetic stuff that went well, trying to balance the color in the room better. It still didn't look right to me, until our white bathmat unraveled, and i had to get new.

Voila! A new orange mat, "made it work"....finally! I guess it was just like needed to be well grounded. And i needed time to get comfortable with it.

How did you spend your labor day? We actually got quite a few little household projects done.
  1. a towel hook in the kitchen
  2. a lock on a bedroom door
  3. a rug replaced in the library
  4. laundry
  5. a computer desk drawer repaired
  6. general cleaning
  7. a sense of accomplishment


jesslea said...

very cute bathroom, m. It makes me want to decorate.

Sarah said...

was the lost found? ANY of it?? :(
Fun post. xoxo

"m" said...

you've got a whole new canvas, eh?
How fun!

Sarah,'s gotta turn up sometime soon.....right?


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