Thursday, September 10, 2009


School's back in session, and AAAAACCCCCCHHHHHHHH!

I've been standing, cleaning out a closet of boxes, and a trunk full of family pictures and school certificates, report cards, achievement test scores, and school pictures from the past oh,.......25 years or so. Sure would've been easier if I'd had ho-hum kids instead of over-achievers!
And let's see, it's been how many years since my last kid was in school?

How did it get like this?! There's no just chucking the whole lot, because every so often I find a birth certificate or passport or some other little gem that somehow joined the mayhem.

exhausted sigh

Could someone lead me to the Dunce chair in the corner?
Wear the cap?
I don't care,
just as long as I can sit down.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

throwing away those things is NOT allowed!!!! I'll take mine! xoxo


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