Monday, March 1, 2010


If Absence makes the heart grow guys must be lovin' me!!
I went on a little secret sabbatical. "Mum" was the word, because my dear Sister in Kansas, who is also a faithful reader, was turning 50, and my other Sister and I flew out there to surprise her. It couldn't have gone better! She was completely blown away, hadn't a clue we were coming, and we had a wonderful week together.

The best time of each day was around the dinner table at night. We had simple, delicious, leisurely, candle-lit meals, and they were seasoned with wonderful stories and conversation.
We forgot to bring a candle for her cake, so a tea light was called into service.
One night we had pizza and watched Julie and Julia together. We had each seen it before with other friends, but wanted to see it together. were just delightful....again!

One day, we had a jewelry party. Dot brought out her drawers of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, and had us select things we each wanted. She's so generous.
Little did she know that Jen would give her a beautiful necklace for her special day, and the next day, she received a Red Box birthday package from Kate, with these pretty, new bracelets in it!
Dot, I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as we did! Miss you, already.


Katie said...

Hey! You were just in Kansas?! I'm jealous! I grew up in western Kansas (the boonies) and then lived in Lawrence for several years before moving to Virginia.

I miss it so much... so can I ask where you were in KS? :)

Dot said...

Oh, Dearest M!

It was indeed a complete and perfect surprise followed by a wonderful week. Thank you and Jen again!

kate said...

What a special time. I love all of you so much.


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