Monday, March 8, 2010

Pretty PB Easter Inspiration

When I received my latest Pottery Barn Spring was like a breath of fresh air.
They had these lovely cherry blossom branches, which were only.....$64......
for ONE branch

image from Pottery Barn

And these cute vintage Easter postcards which were only.....$10 for 3......

image from Pottery Barn

And they used them in this oh-so enticing display of an Easter bonnet parade

We had the glass urn on hand, (a 5 yr ago or so, Ross purchase) and a favorite resident ceramic bunny, so the wheels started turning. This was the outcome:

(Sorry for the blue painter's tape distraction...been on the "to do" list for a while now.....but you know, I've got important things going on....... like re-creating tablescapes!) ;)
I know a lot of you are spending the time and making some very cute painted speckled eggs, but I was in a hurry this time. So my littlest helper girlie, sorted out all of the white and blue "decorator" eggs from the pink, lavender, and yellow "for eating" ones for me.

Walmart goodies

moss from the craft stash was placed as a soft nest in the bottom of the glass urn.
In went the eggs.

rogue branches from an aspen tree in the yard were brought in

and placed in a $ store straight glass cylinder vase we had on hand. It was centered inside the urn.
(Actually this happened first...then the moss and eggs went in around it, to stabilize it)

A cluster of silk hydrangea blossoms from my stash

little blossoms were cut gently apart and hot glued into random places on the branches

I actually like the airy, simple, delicacy of them better than the spendy PB ones

I downloaded free vintage postcards from the net, printed them on cardstock, glued them to a layer of recycled cereal box, and a fresh layer of white cardstock on the back. Then, used mod podge on them and crystal glitter while they were still wet. Punched holes and put in $ store twine we had in our gardening stash. The "wheatgrass" was from a garage sale last fall.

It's fun to be doing some crafty stuff again.
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Check it out, a lot of cool projects out there!


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! You did a great job. My favorite is the branches from your tree:)Lucy

Katie said...

I love this! Seriously, who can spend $64 on one branch! It's ridiculous!

Sabrina said...

Great copy cats!

Barbara Jean said...

Oh this is tooo cute! Great job.
I'm coming back later to chat and look around.

Barbra jean

PS thanks for coming by.
I'm so glad i found you, a fella' Oregonian. =)

Jessi said...

Everything looks perfectly springy! And I love that you saved time with your eggs...I am always looking for ways to save time! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Erin A said...

Wow, you did SUCH a great job! I am totally copying this at some point, your branch looks WAAAAY better than the PB version too. I love the little arrangement, it's adorable :)

Thanks for the great idea, and thanks for stopping by our blog! Have a great week!

Shaunna said...

Thanks so much for visiting Perfectly Imperfect! You did a wonderful interpretation of the PB tablescape! I've got a pb knockoff coming on my blog this week, too! :)

The Frugal Designer said...

What a smart idea. I can't wait to give this a try in my home!

kate said...

It looks even purtier in person. You're always an inspiration with your creativity Mom. xoxo


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