Sunday, March 14, 2010

Praise the Lord!

This morning there was a guest speaker at church. He talked about prayer, and it was so heart felt and Spirit led. One of the analogies he used was :
Imagine driving on Hwy 84. You see lots of cars at the side of the road. You pull off of the road and see people flocked around a snack bar. You park and get lunch at the snack bar, happily satisfied with food and drink, get back in the car, and leave..... Completely unaware of the amazing beauty that is up the hill behind the snack bar.

He likened that to praying for needs to be met, and prayers of thanksgiving for what God has done FOR us, but missing out on the beauty of spending time in prayer, praising God for WHO He is. (He did a much better job of conveying the message.....sorry, but I just needed to share)
It wasn't that I hadn't heard the difference between the two before, but having been to Multnomah Falls , and experiencing it's beauty....I couldn't even fathom going there and only partaking of it's snack bar! And even soooo much more is the awesome beauty of the Lord! Praise, praise, praise, the Lord!


kate said...

thanks for sharing this Mom. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Kudos! Thanks for the inspiration. I really thank you for such a good scripture verse.


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