Monday, April 26, 2010

All Washed Up

I made this today:

Jen gave me some of her bountiful supply of "Fruit Fresh", which is what is substituting for the citric acid in the recipe. There is a load running in the dishwasher right now, and I'm anxious to see the results. This recipe was for a small batch, so will be a good test. I'm also going to mix up a batch of this liquid one, to see which one we prefer.

A couple of years ago, I found recipes on-line for making homemade laundry detergent. I had difficulty finding the ingredients, even though they are quite simple. Last month, I found a recipe at My Frugal Lifestyle in which Stephanie was gracious enough to share her source....Yay Winco! After receiving a couple of nice new buckets with lids from Jen, I mixed up a batch. The resulting product looks sort of...icky. BUT,it has worked very well. All of our clothes have been coming out very nice and clean. I am not a cold water wash laundress, unless it's an item that "requires" it. I wash loads of whites or jeans in HOT water. I also bleach whites as needed. I say this, to emphasize the fact that I can't vouch for it's effectiveness in cold water.

I used to make homemade bar soaps, but lye is difficult to come by these days, unless you get HUGE supplies and pay through the nose for shipping "Hazardous Materials".
The next product on my list to try is Stephanies recipe for "spray and wash".

Have you tried any homemade cleaning products? Satisfied? Dissatisfied?

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