Friday, April 30, 2010

Fearless Friday

The spring flowers on the front porch are unfortunately still in their little black 4x4's. It hasn't stopped them from blooming their little heads off.

Their bright colors cheer me. Slugs like them too....Did I tell you?......One year I planted primroses all along our front walk. The slugs ate all of the pretty colored ones and left the plain white ones alone. I just adore the tiny sweet faces of violas and pansies.

We have a lot of woodland hyacinths around our yard. I gathered a few for a welcoming bouquet on the storm door.

There are just small bottle vases with water, surrounded with moss gathered from the weeping cherry tree.

All of this fresh prettiness does not even hint at where I am.......
in the the thorny brambles of my studio.
organizing, cleaning
cleaning, organizing.
I am Helen "M Ready", hear me roar!
I can do this!
Cheer with me.."You can do it, m!, you can do it!" (family joke)
It's a good thing this is "Fearless Friday"....
what a mess.
If I don't surface in the next few days, send in the search and rescue dogs.

1 comment:

kate said...

And you CAN do it. But wait till you're feeling better. Missed you tonight. xoxo


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