Monday, April 5, 2010


He is Risen!
We serve a risen Saviour!
Praise the Lord!

Sunday afternoon, we had a celebration meal together.
The girls brought potato, broccoli, and couscous salads. I made a tossed salad.

The tablecloth and bunny on the kids table

matched Sarah's cupcakes
We were all dec'd out in chandy decor
and fancy hair bows
There was joy and laughter

Everybody's Baby Girl. Even the smallest of the kids, think she's so special.

The weather was cold and wet.
Another indoor Easter egg hunt year.
It didn't dampen the enthusiasm.

There was a silver egg prize, won by a happy oldest girl!

Baby girl with her cotton tail collar
After the guys hid the eggs for the kids, and they were found......
the older kids hid some more for the younger ones.

in the blinds

in Uncle Bob's hoodie
In Papa's shirt pocket

A very excited younger set winner of the PURPLE EGG
So good to have the chicks in the nest at Easter!


Anonymous said...

And what gorgeous chickies they are!

Cousin Martha

"M" said...

Thanks Martha! I think so, and am happy to say they are just as beautiful on the "inside". We are blessed.

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday. It made me smile and happy - it is nice to see a holiday that isn't over-staged but remains natural, real, and all about family.

kate said...

What a great day. Thanks for all the special touches you always do to make things festive and a sweet memory. Love you!!


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