Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apple Blossom Time

They are budding out......

Apple Blossoms always bring memories flooding back. Memories of the song that played over and over on the radio one summer while visiting my Great Aunt and Uncle. They had a cafe and a little store, and I loved spending time there, with them. Every day, when the Apple Blossom Time song came on, she and I would have our paper and pencil ready to copy down some more of the words that we just couldn't "quite make out." When we were gathered around our car, the day we were leaving to come back home, she and I hugged and sang it together, one last time.

It was to be the last time I saw her, and I treasure that moment dearly.

When I was grown and married, our first baby was a "summer baby", born towards the end of July. To make myself not feel so hot, tired and heavy laden, I wore a light "Apple Blossom" cologne, that was sweet and refreshing. Do certain smells bring memories back to you?

Birdie must love the apple blossoms too, she lays under them, soaking up the dappled sunlight and lovely scent.....making memories of her own.


kate said...

This post made me cry, so sweet Mama. I love you. Dearly.

Jeni @ peppertowne.com said...

I can almost smell the blooms! Lovely memories.


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