Friday, April 9, 2010

"Bodacious Carrot Cake"

That's what Dot calls the recipes that have the coconut, crushed pineapple, and pecans in addition to the usual spices and carrots. Since I'm a beekeeper (I'm using the term loosely), She had given me this pan some time ago. I decided to give it a whirl and made B. carrot cake for Easter. The dense recipe held up very nicely. I made the usual cream cheese frosting, minus nuts, and thinned it down some. The oil and flour prepared pan, beaded up and left a rather pitted appearance, but all in all, it didn't turn out too bad for a 1st time run, and it was fun.


kate said...

and it was Yuuu-my. I love the mold- that would have come in handy for Joe's bday cake a couple years ago! :)

Jeni @ said...

This looks and sounds delicious. And the presentation is almost too good to eat!


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