Friday, June 25, 2010

The BuZZzzzzz

The clover fields were all in their glory, as we drove past on our way to Jen's.
little bee nectar mini-markets on every corner
And high rise condos taking in the panoramic views.

The beekeepers have their hives in place, to take advantage of all those lovely blossoms.

On the home front, we had a swarm, that needed a home. I would have loved to have obliged, but contrary to how this picture was way up in a pine tree....higher than our orchard ladder will reach. (My zoom was at full capacity here) I probably would have tried something stupid to get it, but cooler heads prevailed and Jim forbade me to try. Sooooooo, our neighbors down the road with the big log house, who are loggers with tall equipment, I'm sure now have a new swarm to add to their collection. Forgive me if I sound bitter. I know we are not to covet our neighbors hives...but everytime we get a swarm high in one of our trees...I watch it give up on my hospitality and swirl it's little mini cyclone cloud self across the draw to their place. And their number of hives, just grows and grows. (We had 3 swarms come and go, here last year).
Maybe, a spoon full of honey would sweeten my disposition.
*Oh boy, that's stings worse than a bee...I just read the verse of the day, it's about loving your neighbor as yourself and not having a grudge against them. Do you remember the song from Fiddler on the Roof "Tradition"?
Well imagine that tune as you read this...CONVICTION, Conviction, Conviction.....

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