Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guilt free Gardening


The pretty geranium from Anna, Joel, and the girls.

In addition to how their ruffly, cupped, leaves hold glistening, diamond like, water droplets;
I love the fresh acid green tiny blooms of Lady's Mantle .
And the sun and shadows on the tiny little champagne grapes,
(which make the yummiest, tart little homemade raisins)

The promise of dewy, summer morning, garden breakfasts of plump blueberries,
hand to mouth.


I didn't plant any of it. It just re-seeded itself there.
I had struggled for years to have a nice little patch of it, like my Mom used to...
it never made it.

A newer plant to me, in the past couple of years:
Jacob's Ladder.
(Do any Sunday Schools sing that song anymore?)
I love it's fern like, bracketed leaves.

With an extra UBER amount of rain, this spring, and family health issues;
I was feeling guilty about not getting a nice garden in.
Tori picked out a topsy turvy tomato planter for me for my birthday.
I put an organic "green Zebra" in it.

And planted organic Italian salad greens in potagers.

and a lone artichoke plant.
It's so tiny and yet, brings back memories of the vast fields of them, in nearby Castroville,
when we lived in Monterey California,
in the early years of our marriage.
Tori and I love artichokes. (Or is it the butter and lemon?)

There are a couple of squash plants, onions, and tomatoes, planted in the freshly weeded flower bed. I've decided to do what I can feasibly do, and then just like the hearts-ease...quit struggling, and be happy. "I like pesto as much as the next cat.....but why didn't you buy that organic catnip, when you had the chance?"

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kate said...

Everything looks lovely. That is absolutely the right attitude Mom. I need to take a page from your book. (Or blog.)


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