Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Exploring Birthdays

Someone just turned 2! Guess who? And peek a boo!
Hola Dora! How do we get to the birthday party?

Well, first, you go ACROSS the bridge...

Then you go OVER the mountain....

And AROUND the corner... and THEN you'll be at the party!

These two had a great time together this year.
The older one amazed at the little one..."She can TALK now!"

Big brother is showing how to take down that pinata

The birthday girl gave it her best!

What do we need? Backpack, Backpack....
This guy never leaves home without his light saber!

The sun actually warmed things up and Sarah, brought out the 'screen.
(We haven't had much call for that this year)

Things were very festive

Muchas Gracias, Dora. Wonderful party! Delishioso!


Melissa said...

Love the first pictures she just looks like a little girl who knows how to have fun and play outside.

The place settings for the party are pretty and vibrant...

kate said...

Well, aint she a cutie. If I do say so myself. :) xoxo


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