Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Jim and I took Tori and went over a day or so early.
It gave Jim and Dad a day to garage sale,
and Mama and I, a day to cook and chat.

I took this berry jello layered dessert.

Tori made the Savannah Sour Cream poundcake recipe,
except we put the batter in these festive little papers,
so people could have individual cakes.

There were fresh berries and whipped cream to put on them.
I also made some barbeque/pulled beef and pork sandwiches, in buns.

There was a decent turnout, but some of our older generation
weren't able to attend,because of health issues,
and we missed our Canadian cousins.
(Am posting lots of pix for you, Martha!)

Aunt Laurel and Laura Lee

There was a rousing little game of baseball among the "mini" cousins.

Cousin Debbie



Multi- generations

Three generations.
Little Miss Adelie is named after her Papa's Mother.

From our oldest "firecracker"

to our youngest...

It was good to be together.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day you had! Lots of good company and good food! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I love seeing everyone....sigh...

Melissa said...

Fun photos...I particularly like generational pictures...

kate said...

Thanks for posting Mama! Love you.


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