Friday, July 9, 2010

Can she bake a cherry Claufouti, Jimmy Boy?

Dot sent me this dishtowel for my birthday. Isn't it pretty?
The pie cherry tree was ready to be picked. We didn't get the net on it this year, as it's being used over the chicken yard (we have midnight marauders of raccoons and possums). The birds took pity, were generous, and saved some cherries for us.
I baked just possibly my most "homely" pie ever. But it was tasty anyway. Just like my Mama always said "it's whats on the inside that counts". How can you go wrong with real butter, and fresh cherries?

There were 2 trays of dried cherry raisins.

And a cherry claufouti, which Jimmy boy just loved.

All of this was prior to our buying a new bathroom scale.

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