Friday, July 16, 2010

Nice Day for a Picnic

The lunch basket was packed and ready to go..... Motoring past the bright red fields of poppies......

To the shady woods where the foxgloves grow,

And the sun filters through the tall fir trees,

Making the maple leaves glow.

There were turkey sandwiches

and cupcakes.

To walk off our lunch, we headed for the loop around the falls.

The kids liked going on the path under the falls ledge

To where you're under the falls

and there's lots of little hidey holes

We took picures of our shadows off of the bridge.

Jim, Sarah, and the kidlets and the South Falls

South Falls

Above the falls, right before it drops over the ledge.....
the creek quietly ripples under the Monet style bridge
When Sarah wasn't taking photos....

She was reminiscing about Outdoor Camp, and munching on Sour grass, passing her fondness for it on to Josie; who now loves it too.
Matthew? hmmm, not so much.

The last time I'd been up to Silver Creek, was close to 10 years ago or so. I took a friend from out of state, and it was raining. The lodge was such a cozy, welcome spot, to get in out of the weather.
In my memory, it seemed a lot larger.

The North Falls. Next time, we'll take that trail.
I've loved going to Silver Creek Falls since I was in High School.
We've gone there many times, for family picnics and taking visitors from out of town.
Everything there seems smaller to me now.
I wonder if it will be that way years from now for the kidlets?
I enjoy it now, but I miss the awe of the first time I ever saw it.


Jeni @ said...

Gorgeous photos! Looks like a perfect day.

kate said...

Really makes me want to go back out- TODAY! So gorgeous there. And it looks like you guys had a great time. xoxo


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