Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here Chicky, Chicky.....

Our Hens and Chicks plants, may make for the only chicky babies around here.

" Eggsperanza," is my best laying hen. Her Aracauna green eggs are huge, and my favorite for baking with. But I guess since she's layed faithfully all year, she decided she needed a Holiday.

She's gone to setting. Unfortunately, she's much better at production, than being Mother material. She leaves her nest of eggs to eat and drink, and then goes next door to someone elses egg that they just layed, as sits on it. I would love for us to have a new batch of peeps, but all she manages to do is ruin the eggs. (I think she's blackmailing me for a ticket to Acapulco.)

Since my dear Jesslea in Canada, has received her little thank you gift from me; I can show you what I made for her. She likes her chicky ladies too, (And has such a beautiful home for them!) So I made a plaque for her as a thank you for being the FIRST person to comment on my First Blogiversary post.


jesslea said...

Thanks again m. The sign is a wonderful finishing touch to the coop. Love you!

kate said...

The sign turned out so cute. I am a little envious of you ladies and all your EGGS!!


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