Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Ooops! a gravity defying, non-rotated picture slipped past me.....
We have had such a wet, rainy spring, that a sunny day gets headline news around here!
Yesterday afternoon, we took full advantage of it. Jim took a book and I took some needlework and camped in our Adirondacks until suppertime.
Birdie made herself comfy at our feet, "sunbathing", and taking cat naps.

There was a slight breeze through the trees, and at times there was the aroma of chives...

and the next breeze would bring a waft of fragrance from the iceberg roses.
There is an old Southern saying: Don't sew on Sunday. For every stitch; you'll cry a tear.
I'm glad I'm not superstitious....they would have to be tears of was heavenly.

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