Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pearls and Scallops for Miss Floribunda

I finally got the studio cleaned up enough to unearth the sewing machine. It was actually really nice to have the work table cleared off to use for a proper cutting table. My plan was to make a little dress with a crocheted bodice. The plan changed and decided to just make a plain dress....

And crochet a little capelet/cami, that coujld be worn over it, if desired. That way they could be laundered separately, and it would be more versatile.

I didn't have a pattern for the capelet, and am more of a knitter than a crocheter, so it's nothing to write home about...[or blog for that matter]
But it was kind of fun to create. If I were doing it again...I would create it more curved like the dress bodice, and would make the dress first, but life's a learning process right?
I do like the real shell, mother of pearl buttons.

I had never tried making scallopy lace edging before, and it turned out to be my favorite part, both in the actual crocheting of it, and the final project.


Melissa said...

I love feminine and pretty

kate said...

It is SO cute Mom. I can't wait to put her in it!!


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