Thursday, May 26, 2011

Captive Audience

Thanks to Opa and Nana......... This little firetruck jewel is sooooooo cool. The kids loved extending the bucket ladder and running the truck all over the place. The most dominant feature on the truck is the most uber annoying siren you've ever laid ears on..........even with a cotton ball and tape muffler............just ask Kate.....she is on "bedrest" on the couch......a captive audience. (Doesn't she look thrilled?! ) She thought it was staying at our house....silly girl!

She was even happier than usual to "get to" go the Dr.'s office! Is she a cutie or what? Love that girl!


jesslea said...

Thank you for posting pictures of Kate. She is absolutely beautiful. You'd never guess she was carrying twins no matter what the lady at the fabric store says. (Did she tell you about that?) What a blessing it is for you guys to be able to help out so much. I wish we lived closer so we could do the same. Hugs and kisses.

kate said...

Mom and Jess, you are both unbelievably sweet.
The kids DO love that firetruck. Ad the siren is definitely their favorite feature...


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