Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

The special bouquet for Mom from the Kansas Kids.

Mom is recovering really well from her back surgery.
ONLY 2 more months of wearing body armor....YAY!

We got snowed on as we traveled home.
These are all color pictures; not black and whites.

This one is a clone of Martha's front yard! :=) The new Spring moss on the trees shone like gold as we got closer to home.

The trees remind me of some kid's book or show...can't place it.....

I picture them with faces, talking.....

Looking back at whence we came...from our road.


Anonymous said...

It does look like my front yard! Our snow is almost gone now though, finally! Spring is sure late this year up here!

"m" said...

Definitely a long winter this year, huh? Here too. Only ours here in the valley is more rain.

kate said...

Nana has always been, and will always be, so PRETTY. Glad you guys got to spend Mother's Day together.
(Maybe you are thinking of the trees in the Lord of the Rings?)

"m" said...

Yes Kate, she's beautiful.
Don't know about the trees.....


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