Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i Carley

Rather it's.... "Eye Carley." Ashi wanted it named "Carley"after her little neighbor friend that just moved away. Yesterday was gorgeous weather out, but I had a major sick headache that finally sent me to bed. That was sooooo maddening. There was so much I planned to do outside.

Today, it's drizzly again, so I finished the monster for the monster......


made potato rolls to take to dinner at Anna's. She fixed a turkey with all the trimmings, since she didn't have to work today. It was reeely good!

American Idol tonight..... Throughout the competition, Scotty has stayed true to his testimony. "I believe in Jesus, I talk to God."

1 comment:

kate said...

Monster- adorable! Rolls- YUM. And you know how I love me a turkey dinner. I am a weensy bit jealous. .. :)


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