Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trivet Pursuit

When Mom had gotten home from the hospital from her surgery, we had gone over for a few days. She had mentioned she wasn't happy with their guest needed repainted, she wanted to ditch the lace valance and get something different, etc. So this trip over, I went armed with a small ladder, paint cans, sewing machine, fabric.... I decided a bathroom makeover would be our Mother's Day gift to her.

I found this fabric, and it reminded me of her. Maybe because it is reminiscent of her dishes in the 70's, I'm not sure. But I thought it would go well with the counter tops Dad had built in there.

He had torn out the old vanity and custom built this one. (He's meticulous, and does an awesome job with grandpa would be so proud of him)

They weren't happy with the yellow walls and almond trim in there. Yellow is Sooooo hard to find a nice shade in...can be too bold....too acid... etc. So I painted the walls a Ralph Lauren "Sailcloth", and the trim Behr's ultra white for baths and kitchens.

Mom wanted to de-clutter, so we kept the countertop, and wall decor very simple. She had a small antique, picture of boats and fisherman, that was really cool. The old bright yellow Nana and Opa bath plaques have been retired....YAY! (I can say that because I had made them...a zillion years ago.) (Mama's very sweet & sentimental)

She also had this really cool wood carving in the living room, that I wanted to put in here....but come to find out it was very special, carved for her by a friend. (Should've taken a picture of it...simply amazing) It was real dark wood, and had carved flowers. Anyway, it got me thinking about those trivets from India. We were going garage sale-ing (Dad and Jim's fave pastime) so I was on the prowl.....

Found one at a Re-sale store, and another at a charity thrift. I stained them to match each other better, but they weren't dry when we left, so didn't get them hung above the towel ring. I think we need one more there anyway. I love these little jewels...and can picture them painted .....all sorts of cool colors, yeh, gotta find some more of these babies.....definitely.


kate said...

Looks great! And the trivet idea got me thinking instantly of painting them some fun colors, what an interesting and easy accent!

"m" said...

Thanks Kate! wheels turning, huh?!


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